Sofa Sleepers

  • Front Range Sleeper

  • Frontier Sleeper Sofa - Allure Dark Draft

  • Frontier Sleeper Sofa - Allure Dark Draft (Cosmopolitan Tooled Leather Accent)

  • Frontier Sleeper Sofa - Bandwagon

  • Hamilton Sleeper Sofa - Stallone Timber and Cowhide

  • Check out our selection of western sofa sleepers.

    Laramie Sofa Sleeper

  • The Legend Ember Western Style Sofa offers the unique look of a scalloped back with oversized arms.

    Legend Ember Sofa Sleeper

  • Madison Sleeper

  • Outlaw II Sofa Sleeper

  • Outlaw Sofa Sleeper

  • Rancher Sofa Sleeper

  • Sagebrush Sleeper

  • Springcreek Sleeper

  • Stetson Sofa Sleeper

  • Weston Sofa Sleeper


Western Sofa Sleeper

As with every western sofa or southwest sectional sofa we produce, a Big Sky Collection rustic sofa sleeper is what truly defines quality, handcrafted, American décor. Made right here in the good old USA, our home furnishings prove that substance and style as well as function and fashion still go hand in hand. Providing space-saving functionality without sacrificing even an ounce of comfort or quality, a Big Sky western sofa sleeper is a couch you can really crawl into. Most sofa sleepers are less than restful, but at Big Sky we are committed to making sure you and your guests have a good night at the end of a hard day.  We may not be able to put you to sleep under the stars, but our sofa sleeper will add a timeless western flair to any room and add a touch of beauty that is unique to your own wide-open space.  Durable, stain-resistant fabrics and comfortable, quality construction are what place this rustic sofa sleeper in a class of its very own. Offering a wide variety of rich, luxurious fabrics from which to choose as well as heavy duty top grain tooled leather a Big Sky Collection western sofa sleeper is more than just an extra bed. It is functional furniture with an artistic western flair.