Sofa Sectional

  • The Foxridge 4 seat sectional sofa is made from a quality distressed top grain leather called wild west creekbed and accented with a medium brindle with white hair on hide.

    Foxridge 4 Seat Sofa

  • The Hindsdale Sofa Sectional is made from a pure aniline leather and accented with a medium brindle hair on hide.

    Hindsdale Sectional Sofa


Western Sectional

With the finest selection of southwest sectional sofas available, we invite you to experience what makes the Big Sky Collection of home furnishings the benchmark of western décor.  For all of your western sectional and southwest sectional needs, the Big Sky Collection of quality home furnishings is sure to exceed even your highest expectations.  Substantial, comforting and inviting are only a few of the words to describe these unique, high-quality western sectional sofas.  Proving that big is often better and unarguably beautiful these southwest sectional sofas make a strong statement in impeccable craftsmanship.  At Big Sky, we never scrimp on style and are committed to offering our customers home furnishings that not only satisfy the most discerning eye, but also stand the test of time.  The finest top grain leather and highest quality construction are what give a Big Sky western sectional the easy and enduring elegance that will literally define a room.  When your space requires a southwest sectional sofa that will accommodate a crowd and add timeless character to your home or office, our products always deliver… right to your front door. Superior craftsmanship, quality content, impeccable construction and luxurious covering are what make the Big Sky collection of western sectional sofas truly one of a kind. Because we know how hard you work, it is our mission to make your space the place you love to come home to.