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Western Recliner

In our opinion, no one needs a restful place to recline quite like a hard-working American and our western recliner is made with both quality and comfort in mind.  Made right here in the USA from only the very finest materials, the Big Sky Collection of home furnishings is proud to offer a cowboy recliner with the look and feel of easy luxury.  Elegant enough for a formal living room and durable enough to offer years of rest and relaxation, a Big Sky western recliner is the perfect addition to any room or office space.  As with all of our western furniture, our western recliner is built to stand the test of time while adding depth and charm to the place you love most.  As a beautiful compliment to your Big Sky western sofa or able to stand completely alone in a space, this western recliner is sure to provide hours of much needed rest without sacrificing even one ounce of style.  Able to satisfy the most practical customer, as well as the most particular, this is a cowboy recliner for the individual who understands the value of quality comfort and superior craftsmanship.  A Big Sky western recliner is where decoration and relaxation go hand in hand.